Seattle vs. Portland – Which Northwest City is Better and Why?

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Two of the largest cities of the Northwest, Seattle, and Portland have always been compared by the people. If you are also planning to visit either or both of these and you are wondering Seattle vs. Portland, which Northwest city is better and why then here are some key differences that might enlighten you.

The Atmosphere

Portland is more laid back than Seattle as the people in the former are friendlier, helpful and easily approachable. Seattle, on the other hand, is a tech hub where there are a lot of industries Portland also has a reputation for being a bit weird, and it sure lives up to the hype. Seattle is a bit weird too but doesn’t boast of it so openly.

Size and Business Presence

Though both these cities are not as large as LA or NYC, Portland is a bit smaller as compared to Seattle that has a larger metropolitan area. Seattle is known to have a place among the hottest real estate markets of the country. It also has the presence of businesses like Microsoft, Amazon and other giants. Though Portland also has brands like Nike, its status is slightly less than Seattle when it comes to the presence of large businesses.


Both the cities are a foodie’s dream thanks to the presence of large restaurants and small food outlets that excel in creativity and are bound to please your taste buds. When visiting, you can’t miss the opportunity to try the food at Seattle’s Pike Place market or Portland’s food trucks.

Nature’s Gifts

Both the cities are also blessed with a lot of nature’s beauty as they have many lakes, rivers, and giant beautiful mountains. The must visit places in Seattle are where you can see Mt. Rainier. Similarly, in Portland, you just need to travel 50 miles to reach a place from where you can see Mt. Hood. There are a lot of places to hike, walk dogs or just relax on a park bench in both cities.

In essence, it can be seen that the two cities have their charm. You need to decide which one you like most after visiting both at least once.

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