The Most Popular Porn Categories in the US?

Did you ever wonder what the most popular porn categories are in the U.S.? Typical categories include big tits, teen porn movies, amateur porn videos, cumshots, gangbangs, and so on. A category is basically a type of kink or sex act that people like to watch.

Most Popular Porn Categories

According to Porn Hub a top free porn site online there are several popular categories that are widely searched for online which are as follows.










One category that is always popular is searching for specific porn stars In 2017, the popular porn stars where Riley Reid, Lisa Ann, and Mia Khalifa. On the male side, the popular ones were Johnny Sins, Mandingo, and Jordi El Nino according to Porn Hub.

Amateur Porn Videos

Many people search for amateur porn videos because they like the fact that the participants aren’t’ professional porn stars where everything is done is a perfect way. People like the fact that amateur stars are like real people. In amateur porn, you often never see the perfect body and people relate to it because the sex is like normal sex that regular people have all the time.

Most Popular Porn Category

In the United States in 2017, most of the country was searching for the lesbian search terms so it seems that Lesbian porn is gaining in popularity. Cartoon porn, step sister, and ebony were popular in a few states but the bulk of the popular searches through the U.S. were for the lesbian tag.

Teen Porn Videos

Another popular category is teen porn videos. This is because many young people are now watching porn online and they want to see videos of younger people that are much like themselves. Teen themed porn seems to be on the rise in many areas of the country.

Larger Than Normal


Oversized body parts are always a big category. Big, tits, big dicks, big ass, and so on are always popular categories that many people enjoy. There’s a wide selection of different videos you can watch in these categories.

Asian Themed Porn

Other popular categories include Japanese and Asian themed porn like Hentai. This is anime and manga pornography. This porn involves cartoons that depict sex acts and is very popular in the United States and many other places around the world.

Porn for Women

Traditionally, women didn’t watch a lot of porn but this is now changing and more women are becoming interested in porn so categories for women are now growing to a wide degree.

Other Popular Categories

Some other popular categories include MILF, threesomes, anal, and ebony. The sci-fi cartoon Rick and Morty is also quite popular. Keep in mind that these categories tend to change month to month and year to year. What is popular today may not be popular tomorrow.


Porn categories always change while categories like amateur porn videos. teen porn movies, big tits and so on are popular today this will probably change in the future along with the tastes of the general population.